Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recycled Jacket to Purse

I look at this Jacket and wonder why it used to be my favorite. Also wonder why I have held onto it. It used to be my traveling companion and went everywhere with me. Now, I am in need of a bag to carry with me on a plane that is big enough to carry all of my necessary "stuff".

First, I deconstructed the Jacket, with the help of my assistant, Oliver. He really isn't much help, but please, don't tell him. I am sure he will be insulted.

OK, it is all taken apart. I will remove the zipper later..........Who knows, I am sure I will find a use for it someday. My sweet hubby says I will not live long enough to use up all of my stuff. He is probably right, but I am keeping it anyway.
Yea!!!! It took a lot of hours of sewing, but here is the finished product. Hubbie is quite impressed and wants me to sell it in my etsy shop. I tell him.............Nope, this one is for me!!!!

Back looks pretty good too. Guess, it pays to keep things for years and years. It is totally made from recycled "things", except for the adornment on the front tab. It came from Michael' of my favorite places to shop!!! The leather straps and front tab were recycled from a thrift store leather jacket. The magnetic snap and zipper came from a thrift store travel tote. The lining came from my stash of fabrics.