Monday, February 25, 2013

So Much Leather............So Little Time

I finally organized all of my Leather..... Whew, I have more than I thought. Hubby says I won't live long enough to use all of it. He is probably correct, but I am not going to tell him I agree. Now, my next decision is what coat or jacket to make the next bag from.

Here is a peek at my messy Craft and Sewing Room. I read somewhere that "Creative people are rarely tidy!!" I think I agree. Hard as I try, I can't seem to get my space organized. Part of the problem, is that I have way too much stuff. My fabric stash is a sin. I believe that "She who dies with the most fabric..........wins!!"

I finally did an ABOUT page for my etsy shop. It was fun to think about how I started sewing and creating soooooo many years ago. You can check it out here: Etsy ABOUT page

I plan on doing my first ever "Giveaway" soon.